Oh, where is the driveway?


How do you know you are with a city kid?  When, driving up I-83, you enter  the Hereford Zone, and he points at the trees and asks, “Is that Fall?”

Yes, it is.  The leaves are falling by the buckets.  We could probably measure the leaffall in inches, like we do the snow.  In theory, today is a great day to get out there and rake them.  But they aren’t finished falling, so what’s the point?  It’s really demoralizing to clean off everything and then have it disappear again.  I  have a good rationalization for procrastinating though–I read that butterflies that cocoon over the winter need the leaf cover to get started and that it’s best to leave the leaves.  Once they’ve finished falling, though, they become a nuisance by flying in the door every time we come home.  So they will have to be dealt with. I’m thinking of a certain city kid who might want to make a big pile to jump in.   In the meantime, they are pretty to look  at.

Fall viewed through the front door

Last night was Friday.  On Fridays John and I like to “snack” for dinner.  Ok, snack is understating it a little.  “Snack” is Fritos and clam dip while watching football.  “Small plates” might better describe the meal.  Last night we had oysters with mignonette.  And goat cheese bread.  It was really yummy, a great appetizer, and just right on a fall evening.  I got the recipe from www.FranceMonthly.com. But,having followed their directions, I’m tweaking it.  So here is my tweaked version.

 1 baguette, sliced into rounds
1 granny smith apple, peeled and sliced to fit on the bread round
1 package of plain goat cheese (chevre)-9 to 12 oz.
herbes de provence
Spread a little bit of  chevre on each bread round (to hold the apple slice on!). 
Put one slice of apple on each bread round.
Put a 1/4″ slice of chevre on top of the apple.
Crumble some herbes de provence over the cheese.
Bake for 10 minutes in preheated 350 degree oven, until cheese is soft.
Then toast (in toaster oven or broiler) just until cheese is golden brown.

Looking through the door wreath

Pain au chèvre

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