Leaf management

For those who were worrying--you can get to the front door now

It was a great day in the Hereford Zone today. John spent the morning fixing the brakes on the Jeep while friend Mike and son Gage were hunting in the woods. It was Youth Day today and 15 year old Gage got a young buck.  So Mike and Gage butchered the deer by the driveway while John repaired the Jeep.  Mike’s wife Shelley stopped by and we both thought someone should take a picture but neither one of us wanted the images on our camera.   So we didn’t.
After years of despair over the amount of leaves we have to process, we have come up with a system that works for us.  I rake the leaves out of the beds and then John blows them into the woods with the riding mower.    John likes this system because he can do it with a beer in his hand.  (As you can see in the picture.)  He can also sing very loudly and think that no one can hear him.  (He’s wrong.  I can hear him over the tractor right now and I’m inside the house!) 

Why is smoke coming out of the leaf pile?

Today John discovered that there is a limit to how high a pile he can mow.  If the leaves are too high, the hot tractor engine can set them on fire.  Hence,  the smoke in the picture.  Ok, they didn’t quite  burst into flame, but they were burning.  We raked them out and that seemed to do the trick.  (If you hear that 83 is closed due to a forest fire, then you’ll know that it didn’t do the trick.)  If you want a better picture of John’s look of  bewilderment, click on the picture. : )

Hershey inspects our work

Hershey enjoyed supervising the yard work.  She’ll come this evening all tuckered out from the effort. 

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