The sedum is a gorgeous red this afternoon

Hooray for Christopher Columbus!  Not only was today absolutely gorgeous, but it was the first of a three day weekend.  That meant I could actually enjoy it.

By October, the school year is in full swing and is taking its toll on me.  What an exhausting week!  Most of the exhaustion is mental–the constant busy-ness of each day with the constant chatter of students makes me crazy for some peace and quiet.  (Drive time to and from work does not count!) 

Today was a good day for just doing “stuff.”  Think time and journal time on the porch with my coffee.  Gathering some late ripening cherry tomatoes and the one–count ’em one–zucchini that grew on that pathetic plant.  Dead-heading the ever blooming marigolds.  Cutting the dead black-eyed susan stalks.  Yanking the fennel.  (Sorry, John, but I’m just not harvesting any more fennel seeds.)

Every leaf must fall! And some nuts too!

Leaves are starting to fall–I was a little afraid one would land in my coffee this morning. ( My Parisian coffee “bowl” is wide enough to float two or three! )  So today was a good day to check on the  basil.  Still going–but one good cold night will do it in.  I made some pesto and a final batch of red basil vinegar. 

Last honey check and a pre-winter prep.

Meanwhile, John was playing with his bees.  It was the perfect weather for a fall check of the hives.  Alas, not too much honey. John put boards under each hive to help keep out some cold air.  Later we’ll wrap the hives in tar paper to keep the bees warmer through the cold of winter.

And John learned something today–do not leave the bee suit in the cabin.  A mouse had chewed through the face screen and John had to duct tape the hole.

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