Geezer’s World

Saturday morning my husband and I got an  early start to do errands, one of which was to hit a big sale on compression socks at the new Austin Pharmacy in Cockeysville.  This is how you know we are turning into old people:  I–that’s right, me, myself–got up early on a Saturday to go buy John compression socks.  Not only that, but we had received a personal phone call inviting us to the sale.  Hey, this is a big deal.  When was the last time you got a personal phone call–from an actual live person–inviting you to a one day sale on anything?  And when do compression socks ever, ever go on sale?  We had to go.  And it’s a good thing we went early or they might have sold out of John’s socks.  It was Leg Health Appreciation Day.  Every compression sock wearer in the area was bound to be there.

Once we were there, we got to participate in a drawing for free compression socks.  Be still, my heart, what if we actually win?  That would be so sweet!  You laugh…but that tells me that you have never had to pay for compression socks.  At over $70 a pair, I will definitely fill out a form to try to win some free socks.  We also got a free gift–a lingerie bag and cleaning solution for the socks.  That was rather exciting.

After purchasing John’s socks, I wanted to peruse the store.  I was immediately impressed by the wide variety of canes.  Although I, with my super-duper titanium hip, don’t need one anymore, I can appreciate the selection.  These days, I’m looking at canes for my mother-in-law.  I saw a couple of options for canes with fold-out seats.  Very cool.  But they had all sorts of other cool stuff there, too: easy chairs with ejector seats, and even portable ejector seats to eject you from any seat anywhere.   How cool is that?  I did not see an ejector seat for the potty, but they had lots of potty seats.  And a slew of seats and stools and benches for getting into the bathtub or sitting down while showering.

There were several kinds of baskets and cupholders to attach to walkers.  It got me thinking…Christmas will be here before you know it and my sister will be needing a new hip before she knows it.  Maybe I should get a little jump start on things and  buy her a walker basket.  She might not thank me right away, but I can tell you from personal experience that a basket is a very good attachment to have on a walker.

Then, oh, jackpot, I saw specialty cushions for elevating the legs while sleeping.  The foam wedge that John uses is getting kind of ratty looking.  Austin’s had a really nice cushion that elevates the legs but also supports the lower back.  John has  lower back problems and this looked to be just what he needs.  By this time, however, John was eager to get going.  We had already had a lengthy discussion with the saleswoman about different types of fish oil.  Since we had more errands to run and John was not interested in buying a leg cushion, we left.

It was a nice cushion though.  And Christmas is coming.  Just sayin’.

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