Where is the Easter Bunny when you need him?

This is the latest Easter I can recall.  And I’m not actually recalling it because it isn’t here yet!  And it’s killing me.  And it’s killing all of us at school who are dragging our bodies through the day.  By the last class of the day, my students are just blobs in a chair.  I make deals with them: if they will just do x amount of work, I will be satisfied.  Forget the clever Smartboard drills and the interactive partner activities that so cleverly connect the four language-learning skills of reading-writing-listening-speaking.  Just listen to me for five minutes and do exercise 12 and we’ll call it a day.  Deal?  And they nod–deal.

Today I am thankful for jury duty.  Yes, jury duty.  All week I looked forward to a wasted day at the courthouse where I could just read my Nook and be quiet. What if I had to serve on an actual jury?  Oh, I wasn’t thinking that far ahead.  I’m only processing things one minute at a time.  Yesterday afternoon I dutifully called in to the Circuit Court message board.  My number was not needed. 

Oh sweetness and joy!  Oh conflict and despair! I was glad not to have to serve, but I was really looking forward to the break.  Well, I’m not about to waste all the effort of getting a sub and making sub plans.  So today is a much needed personal day.  Unlike some people I know, the golf course is not figuring anywhere into my day.  It’s been a day of bill-paying and squaring things up with the MVA and figuring out my course schedule for next year.  There are some errands to run and a bazillion other things that can’t be dealt with during the school day.  I could also spend the entire day doing actual school work–all the work that I could do if I didn’t have to teach all day. 

But if I do nothing else, I must get myself outside.  I’d like to find that Easter Bunny and kick his little cottony tail into action.

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