The Reluctant Pioneer

Hear ye, hear ye!  I’m changing the name of this blog from Maywood Living to The Reluctant Pioneer.

(I’ll make the switch after I post this, so you dear subcribers don’t get all confused.)

Why the name  change?

A cousin once told my mother that he didn’t read the post she sent him because he thought it was an ad for a retirement home.  To be honest, I wish it were my retirement home.  Alas, we have many miles to go before retirement.  My in-laws are next-door, though, living at Maywood in their eighties, so it is a retirement home for some of us.  Still…

Maywood Living bores me.  It bores me so much I don’t want to write posts.  It makes me feel like I have to be posting cute little crafty things for Pinterest. Occasionally cute and/or useful information does appear here, but, more often than not, living at Maywood involves giant mutant pumpkins, attacks by carpenter bees, and invasions of hunters, grandchildren, or Asian students.

I’m not a Martha Stewart wanna-bee.  Or even The Pioneer Woman.  (I would have taken that name, though.)  My husband calls me his Pioneer Wife, but I am a reluctant pioneer.  I regularly look around and think, “How the heck did I end up here?”


But I take a second look and think,”How cool is this?”

So, the beekeeping and the mutant pumpkins and the invasions of critters and people continue… but alongside all the other pioneering aspects of life that have nothing to do with country living, like teaching in a Cloud or learning new software updates to my phone.

Now let’s see if I can manage this switch without deleting everything.

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