Plowing through snow days

So it’s Valentine’s Day, but it feels like the movie Ground Hog Day.  We keep repeating the same scenario over and over.  Another six inches of snow fell on top of yesterday’s 18 inches.

The forecast for tonight is for another few inches–and I’m not just talkin’ snow.  We’re plowing through more than snow around here.  Yesterday’s pumpkin bread with honey butter was wayyyyyyy too delicious.  And hubby dear certainly deserved the stuffed shells I made last night.  Today I’m making him his favorite peach-cranberry pie for Valentine’s Day.

Daughter #1 made cornstarch pudding yesterday.  (You can search the blog for Dooda’s Cornstarch Pudding recipe!) I’ll bet that’s all gone.  Daughter #2 made brownies….and proceeded to plow through them herself.  Once John finishes plowing the snow (again), I expect a visit from grandkids.  That will be a good incentive for making Valentine sugar cookies.  I guess we’ll plow through them, too.

We’re gonna look like ground hogs by the time this winter is through.   Fat, round, waddling ground hogs, like you see at the end of summer.

I am making an effort to plow through some other things around here:  cluttered closets, dusty curtains, random filth that the blazing snowlight zaps with laser-like precision.  There is some dirt that can only be seen by the light of snow.  The absolute pure whiteness of it is unforgiving in revealing my housekeeping lapses.

There’s household bills and paperwork to plow through.  And, oh yeah, that pile of papers I brought home from school to grade.  Ugh.

So many choices.  I might need a cookie to help me think.

What are you plowing through at your house?

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