Future Bambi-burgers

Stupid fawn--trying to look vicious but not succeeding. Can you see the smarter sibling in the background?

Two fawns have been hanging around Maywood recently.  They still have spots.  They are cute.  They are young and innocent.  They make you say, “Awww…..”  The GGPs (Great-grandparents) have seen them napping under an arborvitae in their yard next door.  The fawns hang out in front of our house and traipse across the driveway.  They are so naive that they do not realize that they should fear humans.

Ok, if you live in the suburbs of Timonium this is no big deal.  Suburban deer have no predators except for automobiles.  If you are my sister in Parkton this is no big deal because her deer have been traversing her gardens for decades and still consider her the intruder.  She can jump around like a crazy person (which she does) and they just glare at her.

Maywood, however, is a hunting ground.  We even have hunting rituals, usually involving the McQuaids drinking beer in our kitchen.  These deer have not yet experienced a hunting season.  So I’m thinking that maybe I’ll just let them get used to me.  Then John can waltz right up to them and shoot them.  John shot a couple of young ones last year and, while they weren’t exactly trophy material, they were really tasty.

Slowly, I maneuvered up the driveway, inching closer and closer to the one fawn.  Its buddy, evidently the smarter of the two, stayed camouflaged in the woods nearby.  I took pictures.  The flash even went off.  The fawn just ate and stared at me.  With each flash, the deer stared and I inched forward.  The intelligent sibling finally had enough of the hypnotism and darted off.  My photo prey jumped to another part of the yard.  I could have followed it all day, I think.  But then it crossed the line from eating woodland offerings to stuff I actually planted.  Get out of here, you stupid animal!!!

There are times I actually miss having a dog.

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