Fluffball 2 (or is it 3?)

As a teacher, I relate to this sculpture. Is it June yet? Almost!

Lately there is always some drama going on around here.  It has gotten so intense that I was really looking forward to the drive to Tennessee this weekend for a nephew’s wedding.   Initially I was dreading using Memorial Day weekend for an all day drive, but sometimes you just need to get away and you don’t even care where you go.  So Johnson City, Tennessee was as good a place as any. It helped that we were booked at a very lovely hotel with a spa where I got the most amazing massage ever.  It also helped that dear hubby did all the driving, letting me recline my passenger seat and snooze with my travel pillow and a fluffy blanket.  And the clincher was spending a couple of nights with siblings while my brother picked up the bar tab!

Back at home, Harper was excited to be getting a new hamster.  He had gotten a hamster last August and the little guy lasted four whole days before getting the squeeze of death.  I received the news via text message: “Fluffball died.”  We were all a little traumatized by that, not knowing if Fluffball suffered from too much love or some displaced anger from a four year old boy.  The ensuing months have reussured us that the boy is not turning into a sociopath and so, when he expressed a desire to replace Fluffball, his wish was granted.

Friday, while John  drove us to Tennessee, Harper and his mom drove to the hamster store and picked out a cute young critter.  Saturday, shortly before the wedding in Tennessee, I received a text: “The @#$% hamster died.”  The newest Fluffball, stressed from the move, just died.  What to do ?  Fortunately, Harper wasn’t home when this happened so Fluffball II was replaced with a look-alike.  Fluffball III was happily settled into her new home when Harper got back.  Did  he notice the difference?  His only observation was, “Wow, she’s gotten bigger already!”

Hmmm…the ways things have been going in our family lately, the hamster is probably pregnant.

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