Spring might actually come

It was 60 degrees when we ventured down to the stream today.  I didn’t get far before I had to come back for my camera to document the effects of all the snow.  We’ve been living here since ’93 (That’s 1993 for all you wise guys, not 1883) and we’ve seen more than our fair share of snow,but I have to say that I don’t recall seeing as much tree damage as this year. 

pine tree minus a branch or two or three...

The pine tree in front of the cabin looks like it lost more branches than it has remaining.  This tree will be coming down.  I wonder how much wood John can get from it with the sawmill.

From here we headed for the stream but found the path blocked by multiple trees.

We climbed over some trees and crawled under another and made our way to the stream. As warm as it was, we still found snow.  We also found some cool examples of tree roots exposed by rushing water.

I don't advise sitting on this stump

This evening we had the first bonfire of the season.  We may have begun a tradition of ceremonially burning the Christmas tree that had lain on the side porch under snow all winter.  Christmas tree branches made the most amazing orange swirly sparks.  Bright orange against the dark country sky–the glowing swirls looked like the animation in Rataouille when Remy describes how different foods combine to make awesome flavors. Since we were into Christmas trees, we burned Chris and Julie’s tabletop version that they so discretely discarded at the edge of our driveway.  It made for an awesome burn but they better not try dumping old mattresses.

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