Eating Crow (another adventure in living with John)

It’s Saturday morning and we are enjoying the luxury of drinking our coffee in bed post-sunrise.  Out of the blue, John says, “In Lithuania they have an annual crow eating festival.”

“What are you talking about???”

“In Lithuania, they hunt crow.  Then Lithuanian women pluck out the feathers and boil the crow in oil.  And they have a big feast.”

“Why do you know this?”  (Like I really want to know???)

“I saw it on Youtube.  I was looking up crow meat.”

“I’m not going to eat crow meat.”

“I’m not saying you have to.  I was just wondering if anybody did.”

I’ll  say this: there will be no crow meat served at our house, if for no other reason than that there are no Lithuanian women here to pluck the feathers.

So, of course, I got sucked into John’s world and watched the video.  He found it at the National Geographic website, so you know it’s a bona fide article.  The link here is via Youtube.  You gotta love the video of women bragging in Lithuanian (or whatever they speak there) about how crow meat enhances the virility in their men.  But that has me wondering why the women are eating it. 

In the first image of feather plucking, the person on the left does not look to me like a Lithuanian woman.  But maybe that person has eaten more crow meat than the woman on the right…

Click on the embedded coding below, so that you can share the weirdness: 

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