Sleepy bumblebees

Bumblebee sleeping on sedum

Where do  bumblebees sleep?  This is one of those questions that is very important when you are about age four, but then you put aside for other more important questions like, “Will I ever be able to retire?” or “Will I still have my job next year?”  Currently, in our  back yard, there are several  bumblebees sleeping on the sedum.  It’s like they just passed out in the process of  gathering nectar.  Hmmm….kind of like us passing out at the dinner table.  It’s been known to happen.

I  identify with the sleepy bumblebees.  Adjusting to the back-to-school routine is rough.  I’ve been at school until 5:00 this week, then face the long ride home.  By the time I recover from the drive and fix dinner, I’m ready to call it a night.  Oh wait, I still have to clean up dinner, fix the morning coffee, make a lunch, and iron my outfit for tomorrow.  I can’t bear the thought of staying awake to watch a movie or even a tv episode.  And it’s only 8:00.  At 8:00 there are a couple of honeybees still working the sedum, but I’m with those bumblebees, ready to pass out right where I am.

John petting his bumblebee

 John has been home  awhile.  This afternoon he replaced the muffler on the tractor.  (The Hereford Zone thanks him.) He has put work aside and is ready to relax.   This week is “Dirty Harry Week” on AMC. ( Oh my gosh–of all the Clint Eastwood movies in existence, I dislike Dirty Harry movies the most. )  Before heading to the man cave for “quality” Clint time, John takes time out in the garden to pet his bumblebees.  Yes, pet his bumblebees.  He’s sort of like St. Francis with a cigar.  And sometimes a shotgun.  The bumblebees must know they are safe from the shotgun.  That’s why they let John pet them.

For now, the bumblebees are happy to sleep on the flowers.  When the sun comes up tomorrow, they will be busy again.  As will I.

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