Baby box turtle

In a last gasp of summer, we enjoyed a weekend with Harper and the rest of the gang for crabs on Saturday.  John found a baby box turtle while mowing the back 40, and it almost went home with Harper as another new pet.  He was a cute little guy (we guess it was a guy), probably born this year.  Harper named him “Turtle Climb” since he was most eager to try to climb out of the plastic container.  He spent most of his container time face to the translucent plastic, like he knew the outside was there if only he could get to it.  I could feel his frustration.  Today was back to work day for teachers and that signals days inside a classroom with longing glances through a locked window at the gorgeous weather on the other side.

Turtle Climb desperate for freedom

Harper ultimately decided not to take his turtle home and unceremoniously dumped the little guy on the ground.   At age 4, he is not too tall, but it was still a disturbing tumble for the turtle, who lay on the ground for awhile, stunned.  John had to move him out of harm’s way lest Harper accidentally run over him with his tractor.

Today at school was like that, too, as dear ones got unceremoniously tumbled from their positions.   Ouch.  It left everyone lying around stunned.  Back to school is supposed to feel like a fresh start, a new year with opportunities to soar.  Alas, it feels more like a turtle parade.   Watch out for the riding mowers.

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