Back from the beach

Beach view through the porch railing

It was a hot week in Cape May, but not nearly as uncomfortable as what we came home to.   After a week of ocean breezes, the stifling humidity at home is really oppressive.  How am I going to tackle my summer to-do list if I feel like a slug?  I had already reached near-comatose levels  by reading and napping on the beach everyday.  Back at home, air-conditioning, ceiling fans, and pictures of the  beach will have to do to make the heat a little more bearable.  At the top of my to-do list is to buy an ice-cream maker so I can start playing with sorbets.  Right under that is a new pasta pot so I can sacrifice my old one to beeswax.  (I don’t know where the energy to do all this is going to come from.)

From the porch of the Morning Star

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