It’s almost honey time

It’s a rainy day and the honeybees are hunkered down in their hives, probably fanning each other like crazy to keep the heat down.  Next week we will be on the beach in Cape May, where John will be hunkered down under the umbrella to keep the sun off.  But when we  get back, it will be honey time!  We have four hives of busy bees this year.  Two of them are getting established, but the other two are lip-smackingly productive.  We’re looking forward to more honey this year than last year. 

All that honey has to go into something, right?  Last year I bought 16 oz. traditional glass honey jars.  I like glass, personally, but some of you prefer plastic squeeze bottles and there’s a certain hobbitlike mom figure who needs her honey in little bear-shaped containers.  So this year, I will offer honey in more than just the glass jars.  If you would like some input on which containers I order, please participate in my little poll!

glass jar

plastic bear

upside down squeeze bottle


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