There’s something under the sink…

Maywood Living sounds so country perfect.  Herbs and bees and cutesy little country things.  Life at Maywood is quirkier than that.  Yesterday the “ladies” came to clean.  They normally arrive mid-afternoon, but at 8:30 a.m. John and I were still in bed when we heard a cheery “Merry Maids!” downstairs.  Ack!!!  I told them to get started in the basement while I hopped in the shower and John made coffee.  Good thing I had done the tidying the night before.

So…a good cup of coffee later, one of the ladies says to me, “We were looking for soap under the sink in the basement and there’s something under there.”

“Like what?”

“It’s round and furry.”

“Like a dead animal?”

“I don’t know.”


I head post haste to the “man-cave” and take a peek.  There is definitely an unidentifiable round furry thing under there.  It takes a second to register but then I realize that it is John’s deerskin from last fall.  He had cured a skin from a deer he had hunted and it had lain on the pingpong table until just before Julie’s wedding.  So he rolled it up and stuffed it under the sink.

It’s a good thing the ladies didn’t peek in the freezer down there.  Until he can get it to a taxidermist, that’s where John is storing the head.

2 thoughts on “There’s something under the sink…

  1. LOL!!! I saw that thing down there too and it totally freaked me out!! I think I actually shuddered when I opened the cabinet door. And I thought to myself, “Just walk away – it’s got to be one of dad’s projects.” Haha, so now I know. 🙂


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