Who reads this blog? (or посадка гречихи)

A search engine term led someone to this picture

Most of the people who read this blog are related to me.  Or they are real friends.  But there are others out there who stumble upon me by way of search engines.  When there is nothing in my email-box and nothing new on Facebook, I entertain myself by checking out the site stats for my blog.  I can see how many times my site has been viewed (3689 since last July) and even which posts people are reading. (“Purifying the beeswax” gets the most hits.)  It does not tell me who is reading, but when people write comments I find out that someone in Australia needs to purify beeswax and someone in England likes the fennel tea cookies.

Yesterday’s list of search engine terms revealed a good one:

посадка гречихи

What the heck?  I remember enough Russian to transliterate it as: “posadka grechihi.”  I do not have a Russian dictionary, nor do I remember Cyrillic alphabetic order to even try to look it up.  So this language teacher did the lazy thing and used Google translator.

Some Russian reader wants to know about “planting buckwheat.”  I’m guessing he didn’t linger long at the post.  Here’s some guy wanting to plant buckwheat and he stumbles upon a blog post in English about grandparents and a cornstarch pudding recipe.  The only reference to “buckwheat” is in a caption for a photo.  They were cute photos, though, of Harper and PopPop and their tractors.  So maybe the Russian guy was entertained.  Who knows?

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